Drag-on Hinge:
The Drag-On hinge consists of a simple and multi-function mechanism that provides full spring function, both inward and outward. The temples are designed to rest gently and fit well with different face shape. The structure is easily adjustable and repairable.



No screw loosing during rotation.
The temple is adjustable in any angle.
  Spring Hinge
High quality with full spring function, both inward and outward.
The hinge is incredibly slim.



Flex Lock system:
Evolving from normal metal rim and fish line, thin stainless steel strip is widely used to hold the lenses in optical frame. Inspired by the shadow of a spring, a zigzag pattern is cut from sheet of stainless steel to create the Flex Lock System. The zigzag pattern can hold the lenses while providing a extraordinary appearance.



Launched in 2004, the eyewear is created to demonstrate Personality and Unique Style. P+US designers always fascinated by technology and scientific breakthroughs in modern eyewear industry.


The design team always focuses on the fields of integration in materials and functional structure. P+US has won various of international design awards with its patented designs and which are the worldwide recognition of the brand design concept.


P+US is growing rapidly in global markets with over 20 distributors in Asia, Europe and America. Each of the individual worldwide can find attractions from bit of detail of Hong Kong Design.